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"Alexa, Market my book, my business & Me"


Harness the power of Alexa and have your prospects and customers ask for you by name. 

1 in 6 American homes now own a smart speaker. That number is up 128% from 2017 and is expected to DOUBLE
again this year! 

  • Introducing a beginner's course to market your book, your business and yourself with Alexa. We will give you everything you need to get started in having Alexa talk about you when asked by prospects, clients and customers. 
  • Alexa is found in 39 million homes--a number that's expected to double this year and keep growing. You could
    call her a "home grown" celebrity. And not only a celebrity, but a trusted resource of news and information. 
  • More and more you hear big companies telling you to ask Alexa about them--how great would it be for you to do the same thing?

    Now you can have Alexa speak on your behalf. (And without needing any high-tech knowledge or programming costs.) We'll show you how! 

  Here's what's covered...

# 1

Discover the Power of "Smart Marketing" 

It's a new wave of marketing and promotion that makes use of Smart Speakers--and more. It's about having fans, customers and prospects asking a trusted assistant for information about you. It's about being promoted by a household celebrity. And it's FREE to do!
(Once you know how.) 

# 2

Name Your Audience

Alexa users are smart, savvy, and seeking information. How does this fit with what you have to offer?  We'll help you identify who it is you are looking to connect with--and the best way to approach them. 

# 3

Develop Your Alexa "Script"

To put Alexa to work, you have to tell her what to say. Of course  you want "the conversation" to make sense, plus give your audience options for responding. It's just like writing a script. We'll show you how to do it--and give you fill-in-the-blank templates for skills and flash briefings to get you started. 

# 4

Create an Alexa Skill 

Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to create a more personalized experience. You can create skills around your book, your business or any subject that includes trivia, recommendations, inspirational quotes--almost anything! 

# 5

Create an Alexa Flash Briefing

A flash briefing is pre-recorded audio content delivered to your customers or prospects on a daily or weekly basis. It can be up to
10-minutes long and is delivered "news style." We'll show you how to write a compelling flash briefing using our fill-in-the-blanks template. 

# 6

Market Your Alexa Skills & Flash Briefings

It's great to create Alexa skills and flash briefings, but how do you get your audience requesting them? We'll show you how to promote your information so people are asking Alexa to share it with them! 

# 7

Earn Passive Income

As if things couldn't get any better, you can actually make money from your Alexa skill. Amazon rewards its top skill-builders for driving traffic to the site. We'll show you how to get a piece of this action, too!

Market Your Book & Business by
Creating Alexa Skills & Flash Briefings 

An online "how to" course with Clay Morgan and Donna Kozik.

Here's everything you get:
3+ Alexa Video Training Modules ($349 value)
1 User Workshop Tutorial ($199 value)
3 Flash Briefing Templates ($199 value)
5 Alexa Skill Templates ($199 value)
Marketing  Promotion Checklist ($99 value)
Bonus: "Kindle eBook in a Weekend" virtual event ($495 value)

That's $1540 worth of value for only $299!


Get started right now below. Every purchase comes with a full 45-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it free of risk.

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